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Status Ongoing
First iteration September 8, 2011
Organizer(s) Konu Eikuku Hentaru (chair), LeTigre (co-chair), Ray (fursuit support) and Leu (security)
Subject Outdoor Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: EAST resources

EAST, or EAST-CON, is a convention in Eastern Germany. With the permanent closure of Tropicon (due to changing land use rules for the nature preserve where that event occurred), a consensus was arrived at to collect several other events in East Germany together into a singular convention.

The name of the convention is an acronym for "Episches Abfeiern Streunender Tiere" which translates into English language as "Epic Convention of Stray Animals".

Programming and accommodations[edit]

The convention offers accomodation for up to 90 guests in a yout hostel. Events at the first EAST include a dance, karaoke, Iron Artist, and game show panel. [1] Meanwhile more events were added, like a volleyball tournament, a paper chase, art auction, a fursuit walk and many more.



EAST 1 occurred over the weekend of September 8-11, 2011.[2][3]


EAST 2 was scheduled for September 27-30, 2012, and took place in Falkenstein in the Harz Mountains.[4]


EAST Banner 2013.jpg

In 2013, EAST 3 took place in the same location, from September 19-22.[5] The convention theme was fairytales and stories, with a tagline of "the kingdom far far away".[5]


EAST4 Banner.jpg

EAST 4 took place over July 24-27, 2014, at the Hostel Dessau-Rosslau (a change of venue after EAST 2013 was completely booked out).[6] The theme was "Furs in Space".


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