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Dutch Angel Dragons (also known as DutchADs, DADs or Dutchies) are a fictional species created by Ino. The concept of a Dutch Angel Dragon has existed since 2009, making its first online appearance on Fur Affinity in 2010.[1]

The word "Dutch" in the species name does not refer to the Dutch language or people in any way, but was actually the name of Ino's late horse that inspired the species.[2]


Dutch Angel Dragon anatomy

Dutch Angel Dragons are an open, but regulated species. In order to be considered a Dutch Angel Dragon, they are required to have all the following physical traits: horse-like anatomy (found in the body and facial structure), feathered wings, no genitalia or digestive tract as they are sexless/genderless supernatural beings, long ears, and fur coats. Although they usually have sharp teeth, they also have the layout/spacing of horse teeth. Many dragons will also include feather accents, horns, claws, scales, hooves or paws, and tails but these attributes are not required and are often included for functional reasons as dictated by their environment or needs.

These dragons also have the ability to change their markings and physical appearance throughout their lives - this can only be done through reincarnation (with the exception of Morph). They are often based on colors and patterns that appeal most to them and there is no limit to their designs. In previous versions of the species's lore Dutch Angel Dragons couldn't have a “muzzle gag” marking- [3] that is best described as a gag of that visibly separates the front of the nose from the rest of the face across the top by connecting at the edge of the mouth to around the back of the mouth.[4]


The Dutch Angel Dragons walk among us as guardian angels and long ago were tasked to be watchful protectors of our realm. These dragons live on a higher dimensional plane of existence in a parallel universe called the Aether and manipulate energy in various ways to grant them unique capabilities, such as flight or elemental powers, and can also use this energy to allow themselves to interface with people and objects in our dimension. They are essentially immortal and able to reincarnate themselves and change their physical appearance.[5]

Long ago, all Dutch Angel Dragons had a special marking around their muzzle in the shape of a ring. This was a symbol that represented their bond of loyalty to the realm and a promise of the duties they would uphold. When they no longer had the ability to reside in the realm of Paradise, this responsibility was revoked, and the band from their coats was removed to show that this bond was now broken. It is for this reason that no Dutch Angel Dragons can have or form this marking on themselves, as it is no longer within their abilities to do so. Telephone and Radio are the last and only dragons that are able to continue to display the ring marking around thier muzzles because thier bond to Paradise has not yet been severed.

 (but are now allowed on fursonas and fursuits)[6]


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