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DutchPaw is a community, consisting of a website, forum, IRC channel and LiveJournal, for furries in the Netherlands.


The DutchPaw website has been created in 2008[1], with the initial forum being made around November 2008. The website offered a forum, photo gallery, movie gallery and a calendar, of which only the first two are actively being used.

The website was run by the DutchPaw staff, who are also the administrators of the forum, these are: Kaelin, O kill, Storm, Maruno and Tsanawo. In June 2010 Maruno was added to the team as moderator.[2]

The initial aim of the website was to promote, supply information and offer photo storage for fursuiting events in and around the Netherlands.[1] Now, in October 2010, the website has grown to a fully fledged community and has over 360 members and 1000 topics.[3] The primary goal of the community was to provide a base for information exchange between furries in the Netherlands.[1]

Most of the members on DutchPaw are from the Netherlands and Flanders, but the main language used on the forum was English with Dutch as a fallback to allow other people from throughout Europe to participate.

Board reset[edit]

On June 20, 2012 after a period of inactivity after an incident the board has been reset. Registration is now more strict, requiring someone to be 18 years or older and introducing themselves. The events-subforum is only visible to members who are of a verified age.[4]

IRC channel[edit]

The DutchPaw community has an IRC chat channel, #dutchpaw on Furnet. This channel started as a unofficial PG13-rated channel, aimed at all Dutch furries as an alternative to #dutchfurs. The rating has since been updated to the same age-limit as the forum then, 16 years or older. Aimed at general chatter, the main language used on the channel is Dutch, although randoms jumps to English occur for foreign visitors.

Gone offline[edit]

For reasons unknown, the site has gone offline in 2016. Both the site as the forum have been erased.


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