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Dusty Yote

Dusty Yote (born January 7th in the Silesia region in Poland) is a fursuiter. His coyote fursuit was constructed by Latin Vixen.[1]


As of 2003 he finished his study in Silesia to be a computer engineer. Dusty works in one of the European IT companies. Currently living in south Poland, he has his own plans connected with moving to Canada. He want to start a new life there,and realise his own life plans. Dusty is interested in computer technologies, science, sci-fi movies and role-playing. He loves all kinds of cats, and foxes. On rare occasions he creates some music; in the past he loved to mixed music samples and create something brand new. He prefers dance, techno, ambient and sometimes rock. One of his interests is "car tuning". He modified cars from visual change to professional suspension systems. Car manufacturers makes every effort to create reliable products, all cars with definite price have no soul, he like to adjust cars to express own temperament. After tuning process, the cars are sold.


Dusty`s fursona is an anthropomorphic, 1.91 m tall digitigrade Jäger (read:yaeger) fox; his character connecting fox and deer features like standard red fox fur, slightly muscular chest, and antlers.


In 2000 Dusty joined the Furry Fandom, just watched and learned how to live with good relations inside the community. From this time he meet a lot of people; some became very good friends. Since 2004 joined to the Polish Furry society. Currently he is working under the PSF and Eurofurry projects:


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