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Dustin DaHusky, also known as 5KPGD, is an fursuiter who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He is also a WWII re-enactor, a photographer, and historian.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Dustin joined the furry fandom circa in June 2002 and became fully active online in it around January-March 2009. In October of 2011, Dustin had been an active member of the Wisconsin furry community, and by April of 2012 has been voted in as the state representative for WI furs until 2015. He is responsible for reorganizing the furry community in the state of Wisconsin since 2012 and has helped and create many furmeets since then as well.

Dustin had formally created the SEWI Furs regional community with Kaida on April 26, 2016, at UW-Waukesha with 8 other members present for the occasion. In April of 2016, there were 10 members who were in the chat. By November 2019, there are now over 300 members spanning couple states, but most of its members are local to the SEWI area.

He runs panels at local conventions, helps maintain and run the SEWI Furs community and help host some of its events each month.

BlueIce's favorite artists are Blotch, Scott Ruggels, Rukis, GoldenWolfen, Zambuka, Black Teagan, Kenket, TaniDaReal, Pample, Sugarpoultry, among others.

Convention programming[edit]

Dustin took the stage for the first time for Open Mic panel at FurSquared 2016 to tell his first story, and has regularly attended and shared his silly stories to his audience at open mics ever since. He regularly appears on open mic panels at FurSquared and IndyFurCon every year, with the intention to add AnthrOhio's and Aquatifur's open mic to the cycle. Dustin has a plethora of good stories to tell, but not enough cons or stage time will allow him to share it to all, so he will plan to record other of his stories on the side in hopes to upload them for free viewing on his Youtube channel. Dustin has considered having his own little show at a con someday, a 30-minute mini panel for a chance to share much more with the furry world. But for now, 4 minutes at a time is good enough.

It wasn't long after getting up on stage did Dustin have an idea to host a panel on subjects only he knew incredibly well. Convention programming over the years has come a long way, and Dustin had always been a natural for teaching through his experiences in the job market and in college, he has decided to introduce himself into the world of furry panelists and give convention-goers something different rarely ever seen. He hosts two panels at conventions, and they are titled Film Furtography and Reenacting Historical Events.


  • Dustin DaHusky - Dustin's fursona initially started off as a white and sky-blue husky named Dustin in 2002. He originally wanted to go with a white and copper-colored husky sona, but at the time he joined the fandom natural colored huskies in copper, black, or grey were common at that time, so he went with a favorite color which happened to be a sky-blue. When he finally decided to get a FurAffinity account in 2010, he was shocked to see how many blue and white huskies are currently in the fandom. There was an intermediate redesign of Dustin in the 2011-13 years before finally accepting the current redesign pattern that is seen today. His fursona is still a sky-blue and white husky, but now with two new colors added in the mix, lime green, and a navy blue. Dustin's fursona hasn't changed since August 2013, and will likely carry on to be his main fursona into the indefinite future. The DaHusky name moniker had been inspired by Duncandahusky, a local furry in the Chicago area who is also has a husky fursona, and back in the day, Dustin hadn't grasped how big the furry community was in his beginning during the 2002-2009 period, and thought Duncan was the only local husky furry around in this part of the country known at the time. Of course, this wasn't the case, but he was inspired by his fellow husky local to adopt his "last" name as a form of mutual respect and has been Dustin's "last" name ever since 2009.
  • Anton - In December 2013 came the creation of a secondary fursona for Dustin, a Norwegian Lundhund named Anton. Discovering how strange and unique this rare species of spitz breed dog, Dustin had wanted a fursona of one, and Anton came into being. Whereas Dustin's pelt colors are non-natural colors, Anton's pelt colors are more natural. Those colors are white, caramel, and dark brown. Keeping true to form of the Norwegian Lundhund, Anton has kept the two extra toe digits on both his hand and feet paws and even had requested his fursuit maker to even include them to the fursuit design as well. There are two Lundhund fursuiters in the fandom, but only Anton is the only example to display the extra toes, and its quite possible that Anton 1.0 has the most number of digits on hand/feet paws featured on a canine-related fursuit in the fursuiting community.


Dustin commissioned all his versions of fursuits for his two fursonas from Furzombie Studios, with whom he was friends with the fursuit maker and also a local in the area. Dustin 1.0 was commissioned in February of 2012 to be made as a partial suit and finished completion September 2012. The style was deliberately made to look like a younger husky puppy, or a puppy style suit, and this would easily translate into the next head for Dustin. It's possible that Dustin had pioneered the "puppy head" suit styles for many years to follow when the trend was incredibly popular, and it became the mainstay style for many years at FurZombie Studios on so many suits during the 2012-2014 period. The bodysuit was soon commissioned in the spring of 2013 (month unknown) and was picked up at HQ August 2013 in anticipation of IndyFurCon 2013. In January 2014, a commission was ordered for the full fursuit of Anton 1.0 and was again picked up at HQ along with the delivery of a few other suits to IndyFurCon 2014 in August 2014. Dustin had asked to make Anton more adult in look, a step away from the puppy look nature of Dustin 1.0, a fresh new look. Dustin 1.0 has been the quintessential look of Dustin in fursuit form from 2012 to 2015 until the introduction of Dustin 2.0, the next evolutionary style on the puppy suits still popular at that time, in which the current Dustin head of Dustin 2.0 seeing his debut at FurSquared 2015. Both heads of 1.0 and 2.0 would go around together for FurSquared 2015, IndyFurCon 2015, and lastly Midwest FurFest 2015 as a pair until Dustin 1.0 was formally retired and kept as a fun reminder of Dustin's earlier fursuiting experience. His friends who were around in the earlier times call 1.0 Classic Dustin. As of right now, there are no aspirations of commissioning a new suit for Dustin or Anton in the immediate future, as Anton 1.0 and Dustin 2.0 still have many more adventures to come. Though if new fursuits would arrive at a point, Dustin 3.0 might finally grow up one day. Until then, its an only a concept.

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