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Dusk's first commissioned badge
Dusk Dargent is a whitetail deer from northern Virginia. Born in 1982 in Arlington, Dusk moved back to his hometown upon graduating from James Madison University, and is a lifelong Virginian. He is a young professional for his day job, but also works as a photographer.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Dusk has become increasingly active in the fandom since 2008, when he first began attending NoVa Fur meets. While not a fan of message boards and online chats, he has been very active on Twitter since creating a furry-based account in April of 2009. He continues to attend, and occasionally host, small meets at local restaurants in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Dusk is also a regular attendee and organizer of Monday Night Burgers, an informal gathering of furries and friends on in Fairfax, VA.

Dusk's first convention w Anthrocon 2009 at the urging of his friend Natasha, whom he met while attending JMU. Since then, Dusk has attended Furry Connection North 2010 and 2011, Anthrocon 2010 and 2011, FurFright 2010 and 2011, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011, and MidWest FurFest 2010 and 2011. He is also planning to attend FWA in March of 2012 and FCN in April, where he will be celebrating his one year anniversary with his boyfriend, Cadyr.



While always having a vague interest in photography, Dusk began shooting for fun in 2007, calling it "the one thing I do for fun that doesn't involve my damn job for once." (Subsequently, photography became a large part of his job in the years to come). His first digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera was a Nikon D40 with a kit 18-55mm lens. He quickly added a 55-200mm VR lens to his rig for zoom shots. As his skill level improved, Dusk quickly upgraded to a Nikon D80 in early 2008, adding a 70-300mm VR lens later that year.

As a birthday gift, Dusk received a Nikon D700 with a kit 24-120mm VR lens in 2009. The professional level camera has allowed him to increase his contract job activities. Dusk has been shooting with the D700 ever since.


Dusk has been an avid sports fan most of his adult life. Growing up, his favorite sport was baseball, and his favorite baseball team continues to be the Detroit Tigers. In recent years, however, Dusk has become an avid hockey fan, specifically a fan of the Washington Capitals. During most Caps games, Dusk can be found either glued to the TV watching, or tracking the results via push alerts to his iPhone. His Twitter feed is also generally flooded with Caps updates during games.

During the season, Dusk frequents the practice sessions of the team at the Kettler Ice Complex in his home town of Arlington, watching and taking photos of the team. He also attempts to attend at least a few home games each year at the Verizon Center.


Dusk took an interest in craft brewed beers at the urging of his roommates after college. He has said that at JMU, the only beer widely available was Milwaukee's Best, which "if that's the best thing coming out of Milwaukee, I feel sorry for that poor city." He began to explore various craft beers after discovering Old Dominion Brewery, originally brewed in his home state of Virginia and featuring a whitetail buck on the logo. Since then, Dusk has been an advocate of craft breweries, including Old Dominion, Dogfish Head, Boston Brewery, Troegs, Evolution Beer, and Starr Hill. He is a frequent user of Untappd, a social networking site for beer drinkings to rate and share various new beers.

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