Drugs & Kisses

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Drugs & Kisses
Author(s) 'Comic or Die'
Update schedule Mondays & Wednesdays
Launch date August 25th, 2011
End Date Ongoing
Genre Stoner


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Drugs & Kisses is a funny animal comic strip set within the stoner sub-culture. It follows the characters in their day-to-day interactions, usually focusing on their drinking and drug use.

The animals chosen to represent each character often reflect their personalities (the obvious examples being the main drug dealer, a vampire bat, and various sheep that show up to indicate signs of crowd mentality).

Due to the comic's subject matter, as well as frequent and occasionally coarse language, it is unsuitable for younger readers.

Main Characters[edit]

The four main characters all live together in the same appartment, with most of their interactions occuring in the living room or kitchen areas.


Sketch the raccoon is sarcastic, antisocial and passive-agressive. Most of the time he sits there playing videogames and prefers watching his friends madcap antics than being activly involved.

He works at a local finance company, and (considering his behavior towards his co-workers) his continued employment is somewhat of a mystery.


Coyote is a borderline alcoholic also sporting a 20-a-day smoking habit. He is the loud, brash and often violent member of the gang and is usually stirring up trouble in one way or another.

Farm Boy[edit]

Farm Boy the goat is the group's stereotypical stoner. All he does most days is sit around smoking weed and eating. His calm and relaxed attitude provides a well needed balance for his friends highly-strung personalities.

He is currently out of work and on the dole.


Rainbow the dog is the fourth and final member of the group, and is a bit older and wiser than her cohorts. While outwardly disapproving of everyone elses messy, lazy and destructive tendencies, deep down she finds it all very amusing, and tends to join in when drunk.

At work she is a seemingly responcible supervisor working at a well known and respectable marketing firm, and few of her coworkers suspect the double-life she is leading.

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