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Droc Guidera (also known as The Guider Droc) is a furry writer who lives in Harlow, Essex, England.[1]


Droc Guidera (or just Droc) is a 6ft 2inch Wolf/Raven hybrid.

He has long thick black fur coating his body, a dark grey underbelly, a light grey patch on his chest, and a sparce cover of black feathers. He is quite athletic, he never overdoes it, but keeps himself in shape. He has waist length dark purple hair usually tied back into a braid, except from when he's sleeping or washing. He has piercing emerald green eyes, and from his Raven side, a large pair of black wings spouting from his back.

This is Droc's official fursona, and has always been the same. He uses his fursona in his stories, usually creating a world of his own for his fursona to exist in. This is currently Furth, year 2185, a Post-Apocalyptic future.


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