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Drittauge DJing live at Anthrocon 2018
Promotional poster for IndyFurCon 2017

Drittauge (real name Joseph Miller), is a musician and DJ who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is a co-founder and former Vice President of Whoozfur Inc (2009-2010)[1] and former Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for IndyFurCon (2010).[2] His character is a cougar.

After spending several years playing modern progressive, electro, deep house, and pop remixes, he decided to take a different approach and put in the effort to present an authentic 80s club set at IndyFurCon in 2017 to go along with their theme for that year. Since then, Drittauge has become a champion of all things old school, continuing on to play 80s, 90s, and early 2000s dance classics at conventions across North America.

Outside of fandom events, Drittauge has DJed nightclubs, events, and private parties in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Chicago.

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