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A promotional poster for Dreamkeepers
Author(s) David Lillie; Liz Lillie
Update schedule Main Saga: Approx. 2-3 times a month; Preludes: Every Friday)
Launch date March 16, 2007
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy
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Dreamkeepers is an anthropomorphic fantasy comic book written and drawn by Dave and Liz Lillie (apparently also known as Dreamkeepers). It was planned as a series of purchasable graphic novels, but is available for free via their website. Three volumes had been released as of April 2015. A 4th was released by summer of 2015, with $82,385 crowd-funded via Kickstarter from 2015 May 20 to June 19. A 5th one is set to be released.[1] Volume 1 was one of the Bronze medalists in the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards.[2] Dreamkeepers won Best Graphic Story at the 2017 Ursa Major Awards.[3]

The Dreamworld is a plane parallel to our own, where there is a Dreamkeeper for every living human. They hold back the Nightmares, extra-dimensional beings who wish to enter our world and destroy us. For every Dreamkeeper they kill, they can enter the mind of their human, driving them mad. The Dreamkeepers can fight back, however, with Powers, magical abilities that are indicated by a glowing halo. In the thousands of years since the last Nightmare attack, they have fallen into myth, and Powers have subsequently been demonized and outlawed. The Nightmares are still there, however. Waiting....

Main characters[edit]


  • Mace, an orphan boy from the Margate District, is a troublemaker by instinct. His endevours have resulted in a large amount of property damage, several detentions (of which has escaped an unknown amount), and several beatings. Despite this, he's extremely resilient, and has an acute sense of right and wrong. When a 'Sandman' kills his friend, Paige, he's pinned for murder and runs from the orphanage. He's then sent on the adventure of a lifetime. He has a notable crush on Lilith.


  • Whip, Mace's companion, as well as pseudo-brother, is unintelligible to any but Mace. He's been with Mace for as long as either of them can remember, and the two are inseperable. Despite looking like a pet, he is still very much a Dreamkeeper, exhibiting a passive flight


  • Lilith is an unassuming bookworm and daughter of Viscount Calah. She's quiet and withdrawn, which clashes greatly with the fame of her father. Knowledgable and rather nerdy, she remains the object of several characters affection


  • Namah, the result of an affair of the Viscount's, is kept away from the public eye to keep the Viscount's spotless image just that. She has a tendency to sneak around in air ducts, and isn't particularly good at being social.


  • Bast, a loner with a hair-trigger temperament. He comes from a grim, yet mysterious past and usually wanders the streets. After an act of kindness from Lilith Calah, he has had an unwavering infatuation over her.


  • Kalei, a twin separated from her sister for a Nightmare plot, later retrieved by the Troika. For reasons unknown, Kalei refused to speak or even acknowledge the presence of those around her, possibly due to the strange aura that coursed along her body. Only until recently did she speak, only to express confusion on where she was and who she was surrounded by.



  • De Facto leader of the Nightmares. He is a creature of few words, but is planning something sinister. He is in charge of the Dark Dreamkeepers, a group of Dreamkeepers under Nightmare control who do their bidding.

Lord Void[edit]

  • The original leader of the Nightmares and possibly the largest and most powerful Nightmare in existence. After being awakened from a centuries-long slumber, he is surprised to learn that his nemesis, Nabonidus, had taken control of the Nightmares in his absence.


  • Tinsel is a supermodel, snob, and mother-in-law to Lilith and Namah. She is a Dark Dreamkeeper, and actively works for the Nightmares in exchange for power. Her hair can kill.


  • Wisp is a Dark Dreamkeeper, with the ability to create phase-clones of herself in various split personalities. She is very insecure, and hangs off of Tinsel's every word.


  • Ravat is a sadistic gun-for-hire and another of the Nightmares' followers. He is cold, calculating, and will murder anyone if it suits his ends; even children.


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