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Dream Field Comics was a comic publisher and a "comic guide" information website created by Jery and Kiffin Softpaw.


Launched February 18, 2008, Dream Field Comics was the new name and focus of the former "Softpaw Publishing", mostly known for the publication of the Softpaw Magazine and its Finding Avalon spin-off.

While Softpaw Publishing specifically produced cub-themed adult art, Dream Field Comic took a different course of actions. The intention behind DFC was to provide artists with all information needed to get their own comics and similar works published, providing necessary knowledge about layout, writing, planning, funding and other important parts of publishing.

They no longer focused on cub-themed material, although they still planned to maintain the publication of the Softpaw and Finding Avalon magazines.[1]

On June 15, 2010, Dream Field Comics changed their website's landing page to a text based page with a farewell and a notice of the company's closing.[2]

Published titles[edit]

Softpaw series[edit]

Finding Avalon series[edit]


Unpublished titles[edit]


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