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DreadfulStar is an anthropomorphic artist and ailuranthrope. DreadfulStar has been a furry since a very young age (around four), but was oblivious to the fandom until 2010. Her fursona is a black and white domestic housecat with a tail four feet in length and about a foot in width. Her species may be crossed with a smilodon, a reason behind the unaturally long front canine teeth in some artwork of her fursona. This fursona sometimes dons a crimson spiked collar inspired by Scourge of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. DreadfulStar commonly expresses "FearfulStar" DreadfulStar the fursona's darkside/evil twin. (FearfulStar is also her DeviantAart backup account)

DreadfulStar's art is partly inspired by morbid, goth, and emo settings. (Same as her poetry) Most of her art is of herself doing normal things, or just plain anthro characters. She is mostly known for her poetry.

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