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Author(s) Artdecade
Genre Adult
Censor NC17 button.png

Drawers is a gay erotica comic title that is part of a series created by Artdecade for his pay site, Artdecade Monthly, which features adult comics alongside his other adult artwork. The comics debut at the beginning of each month, and when completed are compiled with a selection of sketches into a print comic book. Drawers is the third such comic, and is 30 pages long with 10 sketch pages.

Drawers debut from September to December 2008 and was published in January 2009.


Drawers is about what happens when the two jocks you've been stealing underwear from find out, and decide to humiliate, dominate, and fuck the living hell out of you. This comic features raunchy gay sex. Also, the main character is an utter piggy bitch.

Said bitch is Stan, who is tricked into going to a run down flop house where the bear gets pounced and thoroughly humped by James and Brad, a rabbit and a wolf. Of course this is basically Stan's dream come true, since he's been fantasizing about these two for some time.

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