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Draque,[1] is a nonbinary furry writer and professional software developer who lives in the US.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Draque worked with artist Karen Swartz (Talenshi) to produce a full furry tarot set called The Lomisht via Kickstarter. Although currently inactive, they maintain an "ask-blog" allowing readers to interact with fictional characters from the deck's story universe (characters: Sulmere, Etlu, and Vialio). They have developed extensive lore for their story universe, including a full constructed languages, Lodenkur.


Their character is Draque, a custom species from their story universe with insect-like antennae and fur named kukun. It does not have differentiated sexes, which reflects the author's nonbinary gender.

Professional work[edit]

Draque maintains PolyGlot, software that is used to create, catalog, and document constructed languages or conlangs.


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