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This article is about Drake Wingfire, a dragon who has frequented the otherkin community and the furry fandom since 2001. The following are some highlights of this individual.

The History[edit]

Drake Wingfire had his awakening on August 21st 2001 (roughly). he started off in the Draconic/ Otherkin community, where he explored these new feelings and ideas about draconity and what it meant to him. Around 2002-2003 he all but broke away from the solely otherkin based communities due to conflicting opinions and feelings and thought it best to branch out on his own. In 2004 he came across the furry fandom, since then he has avidly been in the fur fandom while keeping his spirituality and identity close to heart. He found the furry fandom to be easy place to mesh and blend with for the most part. He stayed rather content with this slot in life till around Mid 2011. Drake Wingfire with the support and help of a few long time friends who he knew since his early years in the furry fandom helped him find the energy again so he could reach the point he could go back to exploring his more spiritual roots again. From this point onward he has been trying to keep a balance of the two, the more fun and wipe open nature that the furry fandom instilled in him, as well as his more serious and deep rooted draconic identity. Feeling both have a very relevant part in his life and a almost ying and yang nature.

The Dragon[edit]

Drake Wingfire is a very "feral" built dragon one could say, he has some what fine red scales, pebble like in size and shape, he has large boney plates that line his body from his neck t his tail tip that are off-white in color and smooth to the touch. He has turquoise eyes and golden-yellow segmented horns. His more facial features include jaw line spikes, three of them per cheek with the spikes going from longest to shortest when looking from top to bottom of his jaw, the top of his muzzle is plated like his underbelly, so are his paw digits, the plating how ever is a golden-yellow in color just like his horns. His wings have red scaled "fingers" and a "fiery" membrane which starts off yellow at the outter most parts and as it grows very close to his wing fingers blends in to match his red scales this producing a near gradient effect that goes Red(fingers)-> Orange(membrane)-> Yellow(membrane), his entire vertebrae has boney extensions that stick out from his body forming the series of black-ish spines that trail from the top of his neck down to the near tip of his tail, his tail also has a reversed crescent barb on it, it curves inwards toward his rear, His paws and foot paws both have thick black claws that are a permanent feature, they can never be retracted or bent in any way, his heels also have an extended boney spike (also black) that comes out at the very back of the heel and slightly curves downwards.


Drake Wingfire primarily identifies as Otherkin though some times he will use the terms Draconic or Dragonkin when refering to his spirituality due to his more purely dragon oriented spirituality. Though he is known to explore his spirituality and draconic identity through a more new age Shamanism approach. He often best describes this as such. "Ones Draconity is where they want to go and its how we see ourselves in spirit and in mind, as a dragon, we want to become more dragon in nature and to have a better connection with that part of ourselves, but many of us lack a real way of trying to achieve such a thing aside the usual meditation or dream work. Its like having a real unique device, but with no power to make it go, in my instance shamanic practices are the fuel of my fire" He likes to try meditation, dream work and crystal work to help him make that connection with his draconic identity. Though the crystal work aspect he stretches into his day to day life believing in the balancing and utilizing of energies (things like balancing or utilizing ones Chakras) can lead one to many other forms of success and useful insight. He believes that this in turn can help him calm the waters of his day to day life and make things flow more smoothly so that he can reach a deeper connection with his draconic identity.

The Character Mentality[edit]

Drake Wingfire does not vary much when it comes to his real life self and his dragon identity so essential they are one in the same, though it can be noted that the dragon side of Drake does somewhat amplify certain aspects of who he is in real life. As a dragon he tends to act more boldly and deviously among other things. He tends to be very bothersome to those who do not enjoy a twisted and perverted sense of humor, he is very fond of talking about any topic regardless how taboo it may seem. He does value friendship highly and aside his amount of acquaintances there are very few people he calls true friends. He also has a tenancy to be a very opinionated person, often speaking out noticeably against things he doesn't agree with though he tries to be fair and not let his opinions turn him into a cold and bitter person. More or less he is very out going towards people who are friendly and interesting to talk to and be around.

Drake's personality can be summed up as an eccentric as he feels no shame in talking about certain topics, he loves to share stories about just about anything. Usually he is very energetic and cuddly and loves to just be random, often just trying to get a good laugh. Though he does have a more stereotypical dragon side to him at times often being very full of pride and anger.

Sexuality and gender[edit]

Drake Wingfire is a male Western Dragon who identifies as gay, he discovered his sexual identity in 2004 realizing he had an attraction to both males and females, slowly over time this changed when in 2006 he started to identify as gay and has been solely attracted to males ever since.

External Links[edit]

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