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DrakainaDawn is the artist alias of Sarah Dawn Murrell (born 1991). She draws anthropomorphic animals and fantasy creatures, particularly dragons. She resides in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, UK.

She roleplays as her fursona, Ashendra (Ash), a blue dragoness born from water.

She creates erotic artworks depicting dragonlike creatures.

Artist History[edit]

DrakainaDawn led a solitary childhood in school, and lived on a farm. Since she learned how to hold a crayon she never stopped drawing. Her early art was of the farm animals she sketched from life, sometimes being anthropomorphic (even though she didn't know what that was at the time), Disney characters and of mountainous landscapes. Those, however, were not her specialty. In school she drew, at home she drew. Drawing was and always has been one of her passions. At the age of ten she narrowed down her specialties and dedicated her artwork to dragons, which had always fascinated her. She moved onto secondary school, where she became infamous for these drawings and achieved an "A" grade for her final art exam, and likewise to art college, which she flunked, deciding "art" wasn't her true calling, though she joined Fur Affinity as a pornography artist, in the summer of 2008. Even so, she hates being called an "artist". She holds her head high and says that she merely draws for pleasure and nothing more. However, in early October, 2008, she announced that she would be accepting commissions for as little as £2 (around 4 US dollars), following a very successful week of offering requests. Shown is one of her favourite drawings, "Ceylon"

As for characters in her art, she mainly draws four- those being; - Ashendra - Crescent, a hermaphrodite dragon/fox hybrid mute wiccan punk with a love for pain - Lillea, a female white dragon; which she refuses to draw in pornography as she is her oldest character - Larentia, her newest character drawn to commemorate Hallow'een. She is a red dragon/goat/spider hybrid and a succubus

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