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Drahckilltanen Mattiox, also known as DrahckWolf or just Drahck(born February 1982 in Orlando, Florida), is a fursuiter who lives in Norwich, Connecticut, USA. Drahck is a Native American fur and loosely follows some of his heritage. His Fursona name is taken from an adaptation of his native name Drahk'ill Ta'nen meaning flying lizard (which loosely translates to Dragon). Drahck, however, does not associate himself with the Dragon; instead he uses his totem spirit of the Northern timberwolf as his Fursona and he holds a very strong bond to that part of himself.

Fandom involvement[edit]

DrahckWolf has attended 5 conventions:

DrahckWolf also attends many public events which include: The Mystic Irish Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, the Groton Winter Festival (PDF) in Groton, Connecticut, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, the Eastern States Exposition (Big E) in Springfield, Massachusetts, local Hospital visits for Pediatric public relations, and local ASPCA Events.


His fursona is a Black and Gray Northern American grey wolf based upon his totem spirit the Northern timberwolf. The black coloration of the fur is taken from the genetic defect occuring in much of the natural wolf population. Drahck himself also has a genetic defect that causes pigmentation changes in the colors of his eyes from thier natural color of blue. His fursona has blue eyes for that reason. In following of his heritage Drahck is normally outfitted with a head feather on his left ear (or both at times), a bone bracelet on his right arm, and a bone collar around his neck. The fur and eye colorations for Drahck do not change in any instance with the character however, his accessories and clothing are not set and do change from time to time. Drahck does have an alternate form that is not often seen or drawn named Gode Ba'Cho (meaning The Spirit Wolf). This form is his shamanistic or astral form and is only seen in dream states. Gode shares the same fursona styles and colors as Drahck with the exception of having no eyes with smoke trailing from the black empty sockets. Gode, due to being a fire dancer, is also seen with his arms and legs surrounded in flames.


DrahckWolf currently has two fursuits. One made in September 2010 and the other in August 2011 by TwinkyArts[1][2]. Both of his fursonas where the same name, Drahck. The were constructed by fursuit builder Tweeko[3] .


DrahckWolf V1 is a 3/4 partial, or half suit, which includes DrahckWolf V1 Head with movable jaw, footpaws with leggings, hand paws, separate sleeves, and tail. DrahckWolf V2 includes new head with follow-me eyes and fixed jaw with changable tongue made by Tweeko, and the fullsuit made by DrahckWolf.[4]


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