Dragon Realms

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Dragon Realms
Dragon Realms.png

Author(s) Founders: Forfaox, Stik, Akhorishaan, Etath[1]
Administrators: Forfaox, Akhorishaan[1]
Launch date January 2004[1] - September 2011
reopened February 2016

Dragon Realms was a website with related resources aimed at furries, primarily dragons and otherkin[2]. It included a forum, gallery, blog, IRC channels and a wiki. It has been out of commission since early September 2011 due to server failure. At some point it was "permanently closed down".[3], but the LiveJournal still exists.


Its stated purpose was:

Dragon Realms
"a place for dragon-kin and other kinds of otherkin to get together and talk about the issues that are most important to them in an environment where their beliefs are not only tolerated, but accepted freely".[2]
Dragon Realms

Dragon Realms reborn[edit]

In mid-February 2016, several people, including two of the founders of the original Dragon Realms decided to try and revive the community at http://dragon-realms.net/


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