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Dragon's Shadow MUCK was a role-playing MUCK set in an original mythical world with "three "realms" or nations, two purely human and a third where humans and non-humans coexist and share power in the council."[1] The species available were humans, wolf-like Rrel, and felid Mren, humans, and nonmorphic dragons.[2]

  • Addresses:
    • MUCK server: dovienya.net, port 3443
  • Ran from/to: Late 2003 - 2004


Feature characters[edit]

  • Ebony - female dragon (psychometry)
  • Ember - female dragon (pyrokinesis)
  • Riyen - male Rrel (Alpha)
  • Yuki - female dragon (ice)

Other characters[edit]

  • Ajmaani
  • Trist, female human


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