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The Draenei are a race of anthropomorphic goats, and one of the major playable characters, in Activision Blizzard's games Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

Some have characterized them as 'space goats', and while they are cloven-hooved, the resemblance to goats goes no farther.


Draenei skin is typically blue-based, ranging from a dark, almost purple shade to very light white-blue. From the knees down, their legs are goat-like, ending in wide, cloven hooves. They have tails, though the males' tails are generally longer and more powerful. Hair colour covers a wide range, from white through grey to brown, blue, purple and black. Their eyes typically have no discernible iris or pupil; instead the entire eye is a light blue, and glows faintly. Both male and females have pronounced upper canines.


Male draenei have tentacles - as many as four - emerging from their chin, and a broad, fan-like bony plate growing from their forehead, around which their hair parts, and behind which further plates carry on up over the forehead and skull. Their tails are long and usually held aloft by a well-developed muscle structure.


Female draenei also have tentacles, but these join the skull just behind the jaw, usually two or three per side; and they are usually long enough to reach the shoulders. Their tails are shorter and slimmer. They have bony plates as well, but these are much smaller, almost vestigial, and are often not visible, depending on hair styles. They do, however, have a pair of horns, usually pointing back, and these are quite noticeable.

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