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Draconity.org (often abbreviated as "D.org") is an online community for dragonkin, dragon lovers, and anyone with an affinity for dragons. It currently includes forums, chatrooms, galleries, blogs, and other social features.


In May 2003, T-Sar-Goth founded the website draconomicon.com as an otherkin community running a forum and similar features to what's ran currently. In the coming months, it steadily grew in topics, posts, and membership to include Selroth - the future administrator.

In March 2006, the community was becoming overran with role-players. T-Sar-Goth largely became idle, side-tracked with other responsibilities in his life. Selroth, the co-administrator at the time, re-founded the site as Draconity.org, the name change essential to deter D&D Role-players and keep targetting the otherkin community.

In April 2007, the site underwent a complete overhaul in technology, switching from PostNuke to SMF. Many posts and members were conserved, but many items such as the gallery, journals (blogs), etc had to be sacrificed. Members who have not logged in in over a year were expired, resetting the 1000+ member count to a couple-hundred.

As of March 22 2017, Draconity.org has 117,930 Posts in 7,489 Topics by 1,020 Members

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