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Rendering of a short-muzzled Draccy based on art by KaeMantis.

Draconicus, aka Draccy, is an anthropomorphic red dragon of varying size and shape (depending on circumstances).

He has been an active writer, artist, composer and role-player in the community since 2005.


Standard Draccy[edit]

HEIGHT: 7'2" (2.2m) | WEIGHT: 230lbs (145kg) | BUILD: Chubby + Muscled

Draccy is a large, red, anthropomorphic dragon, with a conical tail (no spade), and two horns extending from the back of his head. His claws would be sharp if he did not file them regularly for safety's sake. His body shape is typical of a Western dragon. He lacks external ears, fins, spikes or any other protrusions besides his horns and claws.

Draconicus naturally would have wings, but for the ease of most RPs and artwork, they are usually excluded. When present and fully extended, his wings span seven feet from tip to tip.

Fat Draccy[edit]

Coming Soon!

Feral Draccy[edit]

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Young Draccy[edit]

Coming Soon!

Creative works[edit]


From 2004 to 2008, Draccy experimented with composing classical music arranged through MIDI sequencing programs. Output during this musical phase of his life was spotty, and ultimately ended with a personal conclusion that he would never be able to escape his obsession with D-Minor and arpeggios. His personal statement is this: "If another tune pops into my head, I'll write it. Until then I've got nothing."

One of Draccy's earliest compositions:
Drac comp04.ogg


Around 2005, Draccy experimented with freehand sketching. In the very back of his Fur Affinity profile one can find a small collection of drawings sketched on lined paper or laser paper. These usually depict surrealist or abstract representations of ordinary concepts.

While reception of these old drawings has been largely positive, Draccy himself lost interest in this early part of his early creative expression and has since moved his focus to writing.


Draccy's writing is almost exclusively about sexual encounters, typically involving uncommon kinks and covering subjects he finds to be missing or lacking in the available writing pool. All of his stories are available on Fur Affinity, though most are only accessible to adult audiences.

Lately (as of mid-2012) there has been a lull in Draccy's writing output, largely due to his career. There have been hints of a recent interest in returning to this hobby, especially since there are a number of unfinished story series to be completed.

Personal life[edit]


Draccy works as a self-employed computer technician with a small, successful company in his home town.

He has experience with most computer operating systems, with a preference towards Linux. His specialties include Linux customization, "from-scratch" web design and PC case modding.


As a furry[edit]

After spending so many years in the Furry Community, Draccy has taken a very neutral position in how he views Furdom as a whole. He has seen the ups and downs, tried different furry lifestyles, and been around through many significant events in the Furry Fandom. His experiences have lead him to simply live within the community in way that balances well with normal life.

Draccy does not let his furry lifestyle influence his life in most examples. The greatest impact in his life has been the many friends he has made through the community, many of whom are now a regular part of his life. At conventions and events, Draccy is a very active furry, but in day-to-day life he does not express his "furry pride".

Draccy's opinion:[edit]

"The Furry Community is a massive group of accepting individuals, who as a whole are unified by their mutual interests. At the same time, there is diversity that significantly separates the community into opposing groups who nonetheless coexist. New circumstances arise every day to create new lines of separation. Despite that, the overarching mindset of acceptance does well to hold it all together.

The majority of the groups that make up this community are empowered by a strong expression of sexuality. It is nonetheless kept to only moderate expression outside of the safe havens of central Furry sub-communities such as FA. Due to this and the fact that other groups seek to maintain a non-sexual outward representation of the community as a whole, our inner lives of sexual obsession are neatly enshrouded by a polite and politically-correct exterior across the entire community.

Any public opinion of Furdom is inevitably biased, and extraneous efforts to quiet or correct negative media coverage of Furries is unnecessary - even possibly more damaging."

About love[edit]

Draccy is a promoter of polygamous or "polyamorous" lifestyle. He does not find a need or justification for maintaining a relationship exclusively with one lover, sexually or romantically.

Love, by Draccy's terms is a strong connection, possibly spiritual, that can be mutually experienced between any number of people. Social restrictions only serve to hurt that love by limiting it to individuals. This position on romance is largely in opposition to the commonly accepted concept of simple monogamy, but this has not limited Draccy from forming intimate relationships of varying degrees within the Furry Community.


Draccy is on all levels a very sexual person. Sex is not sacred or special to him unless specifically arranged to be so. For Draccy, sex is as casual and commonplace as cuddling and other such affectionate gestures, with the sole objective of bonding with another person by way of mutual pleasure. Draccy usually favors males over females for sexual activities, but is generally bisexual or "pansexual" (not limited to gender identities for sexual attraction).

He is best known for his influences in the inflation and weight gain communities of the Furry Fandom

For a comprehensive list of kinks and roleplaying guide, please see his [F-list Page].


Personally, Draccy could be called a Therian, in the sense that he feels a strong connection to the concept of dragon physiology. Despite dragons being firmly seated in mythology, there are feelings that this man is unable to deny. He does not believe that his physical body is actually in any way draconic, and outside of the furry community he would personally identify himself as human. This is very much a private subject for Draccy, and is generally not advertised. It's only being covered in this wiki page for clarification purposes.

Draccy does not attribute himself to any religion or strict system of belief. He prefers to "find his own path", as the saying goes. His personal discoveries are typically rationalized through the scientific method whenever possible, to avoid dependance upon superstition. This approach has not limited his experiences in situations which are considered supernatural or impossible by the laws of physical science.


Private collection[edit]

In 2008, Draccy started a webserver which linked his locally-hosted private collection of furry artwork to an accessible webspace.

Although that privacy may never have been deliberately violated, due to Draccy's poor understanding of "web crawling" technology at the time, no protection was in place to prevent image search engines from indexing some images from the directories within that "private" web space. Soon, furries intending to bypass age restrictions or IP bans from Fur Affinity or Yiffstar found these archived images through searches via services like Google and Bing and spread the word.

After artists personally requested their removal from indexes, the entire website was shut down. Technically, any means of sharing this artwork publicly outside of the artist's consent is a means to violate the owner's copyright. While the site is now back online, a password system and protected indexes now prevent public access. This password is not distributed for any price - the collection is entirely private and not intended for distribution.

IRC Channels[edit]

Draccy owns and operates several IRC channels on irc.furnet.org:


The Fattening channel is an adults-only place for fat furs and weight-gain enthusiests. This is the first channel that Draccy created on the server.

The channel is not limited to roleplaying, and typically serves as the preferred hangout for most fat furs on Furnet.


This channel was established as a haven for anthropomorphic birds, gryphons and assorted winged creatures who need a place to mingle.

It is an 18+ channel due to frequent sexual encounters. Adult roleplaying inside the channel is permitted.


Finding no other outlet for technical advice, and needing a place for fellow Linux users, Draccy founded the Linux Furs channel.

It is mainly used for general discussion and technical support. To prevent conflict from spammers, the channel is only available for registered nicks.

Other Channels[edit]

Draccy has created other special-interest channels that have been less successful, but still have a few regular visitors:

  • #platterwax offers a place to discuss the hobby of vinyl record collection and related topics. It's a quiet channel, but sometimes small discussions take place.
  • #ElderScrolls is a place for fans of the ElderScrolls series. It suffers from near-perpetual inactivity due to a limited audience.

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