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Dracologist (Draco) (Born April 23, 1984), also known as Stephen J. Blaylock, is a commission writer who is a transit that travels around without a true hometown of his own. He's lived in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Bullhead City, Arizona, Laughlin, Nevada, and currently lives in Charleston, West Virginia, USA. While not claiming himself as a furry, he has been a loyal supporter of the furry community predating his Furaffinity account was developed on October 16, 2007[1]

Dracologist does not typically participate in Conventions, due to social phobia.


Dracologist's writing experience originates from a long period of time spent role playing in chat rooms, and his keenly developed attention to detail making him a very well established, elaborate writer.

His first official written work was posted on SoFurry on January 9, 2011 under the Title of "Erotic Tournament Part 1"[2] which started a long running adventure series based on the then underground role playing game Lands of Luste. He then moved on to working on commission projects in his spare time before making the decision to make writing his full time job. The complete collection Shikari Chronicles can be found here

Commission Work[edit]

Known commission work completed by Dracologist includes:

Furry Supporter[edit]

As a Supporter of the Furry Community Dracologist has taken it upon himself to not only bring Furries together within his community, but has developed a Facebook page called West Virginia Furries[3] that local Furries can join in order to build common relationships and plan out meets. He also carries the responsibility to correct people who may not fully understand what the Furry Fandom is about.


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