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Draco parte de su hoja de referencia.

Born in september 12, 1988. He is a Mexican furry artist, web comic artist and novelist, graduated from the Comunication's Major. He also practices graphic design. He's in a sentimental relationtship.

General Information[edit]

Actually, he is living in Yucatan, Mexico, with his mate. He focus on his works and looks for and stable one so he can live independently. He has galleries in Fur Affinity and DeviantArt, though he is more active in the first one. He enjoys writing novels, watching movies, designing web comics (Dracolicoi's World is his creation, together with a friend), playing videogames and drawing (from serious art to YIFF art)

  • Likes: Metal, Rock, Videogames, Fantasy novels, Gore (Kill Bill & Sin City style), Web comics, Yiff, His boyfriend...
  • Dislikes: Sexual violence, Violence against minors...


Draco ilustrado por Kenneth Lugo (garuru).

His fursona is a young anthro Wolf-Dragon Hybrid with brown fur, dark chesnut hair and red eyes and two earrings in his left ear, early named Dracolicoi Divine currently goes for the name Draco Nidhoggson. He has the ability of firebreathing, fire/electricity bending, transformation, psychokinesys and also has a berserk form that unleashes when he's at his limits. He appears in a web comic called Dracolicoi's World in ComicFury, where he is the protagonist (Comic already finished); Also appears in Life in midgard where he's protagonist and Foxy Flavored Cookie where he's a secondary incidential character.

The dominant characteristic are the wolf one, the dragon parts are his wings, horns and eyes.


Sensitive and kind generaly, he tends to be childish and naive several times as the comic where he appears shows. Mostly he is gentle with everyone and does what ever stuff (both healty and perverted). A Yaoi Lover and of Homosexual orientation. He's pretty perverted in certain circunstances, yet he has his limits.

Out of that, he can get to be really agresive using weapons he have collected like a chainsaw and a Roketlauncher (Reference of this in ComicFury

The Name's Origin[edit]

From Latin: (Draco, Draconis) DRAGON. From Greek (Licos) WOLF Draco+Licos = Dracolicos, changing the "s" for and "i", it's Dracolicoi


It's said that Dracolicoi is cousin of Garuru

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