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Dracenmarx (born in 1987) is an artist from Germany and domiciled there. His English skills are advanced.

The names Dracenmarx and the alternative David Marx are only online aliases used for his erotic images. Due to recent falsities his Fur Affinity account is named blackdrake. He separates his real life strictly from his life in the fandom because he has no contacts to other persons with the same interests and he is fearing discrimination. He does tell his real name and web-identity (through personal website's email address) often to other artists. But he only tells very good friends in his real life his fandom alias.

He does not partake in furry conventions and in general he only hardly integrates into communities. In Second Life you can find him under the name Riot Heidenstam, but he is very inactive there.


Dracenmarx does nature photography, 3D rendering artwork and colorations with 'Microsoft Paint' and 'PaintShop Pro'.

Since he is not able able to draw himself, he only colors inked pictures from other artists. These fanworks are gifts for the artists. He is very dissatisfied because most of the artists do not reply to his emails and so a very big part of his colorations leave unpermissioned and consequently unreleased, even without any thank to himself for his work.

He basically renders dragons in homosexual interactions with each other, as it is his preferred sexual direction. Scalies, especially raptors and dragons, are his favorite species. He has no character yet.


In 2008 dracenmarx started cooperation with 2 (now-defunct) websites: the image board FurPiled.com (formerly Antropomorfos.org) and the furry community Antropomorfos.com. He developed the FurPiled Suite, a software collection that simplifies the uploading and downloading as well as the data storage of the image board FurPiled. He was occupied as administrator of the German portal of Antropomorfos.com, a moderator of the English board and coder of the image board.

Own description in Fur Affinity[edit]

I am a 20 years old male and I live in a small town in Germany. Unfortunately, I have little relationship to communities, virtually and in real life. I am a hobby programmer and I found the furry fandom in 2003. My nicknames in this fandom are 'dracenmarx' and sometimes also 'David Marx' (not my real name). Alas, I am not able to draw proper. The only things I have ability to are nature photography, 3D artwork and plain-colorations in corporation with 'painkiller16'. Whenever I see a nice and inked, but not colored picture I try to color it and give it to the artist as fan-coloring. Even my coloring is just simple, so I only color in comic-style. I am often disappointed when the artists don't reply or give permissions to my fan-colorings, because the coloring is my only art-ability. I wish I had some talents in art.

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