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Dracenmarx (pronounced ˈdʀakn̩mɑːrks), also known as Blackdrake, and as Riot Heidenstam on Second Life (Born in 1987), is a writer, artist, musician and professional software developer from Germany, who lives near Heidelberg.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dracenmarx considers himself being a proud member and part of the furry fandom since 2003. Dracenmarx currently does not own a fursuit or partake in furry conventions.

Dracenmarx was earlier known as blackdrake on FurAffinity from 2006 to 2009, where he created 3D renderings of dragons, and he colored inks/sketches of other artists (fan colorings) in co-operation with painkiller16. Unfortunately, many of these fan colorings were never published since some artists have not reacted to emails asking for permission to publish the colored pieces.

At deviantART, several exclusive commissions as well as some self-drawn artworks, designs and nature photography can be found here, from 2010 to 2012.

Dracenmarx has reserved accounts at Weasyl, SoFurry and FurryNetwork for future use.


The name dracenmarx (first letter not capitalized) has its origin in a self-created phonetic notation, where dra¢enmarx or draçenmarx describes the pronunciation of the German word "Drachenmarsch" (translated "march of dragons").[clarify] The nickname is often abbreviated as dracen (translated "dragon").

The previous name blackdrake (first letter not capitalized) simply meant "black dragon".

Characters and fursonas[edit]

Although dracenmarx has created several characters for his fantasy universes (approximately 30[1]), only a few specific characters became his main fursonas. Dracenmarx switched his fursonas very often, due to the change of interests, preferences and inspirations.

Timeline of used fursonas:

  1. Sunny del Sol (Medieval World of Torronia)
  2. Soleil del Sol (German Dragon Army in the "Modern World")
  3. Solar del Sol (Post-apocalyptic "Fallen World")
  4. (Soleil del Sol again)
  5. Aftab Sheng (Mongolian Dragon Army in the "Modern World")
  6. Lewis Resmond (Storyline of the Truckers in the "Modern World")
  7. Lewis Wilmot (Medieval Ironclaw/D&D world)

Furry projects[edit]

  • In 2008 dracenmarx started cooperation[2] with two (now-defunct) websites: the image board FurPiled.com (formerly Antropomorfos.org) and the furry community Antropomorfos.com. He developed the FurPiled Suite, a software collection for Windows that simplifies the uploading and downloading as well as the data storage of the image board FurPiled. In 2009, he was additionally occupied as administrator of the German portal, as well as a moderator of the English board and was one of the coders of the image board.
  • In 2009, dracenmarx helped with the development[2] of TheREDColour (now-defunct), a small furry art/community platform by Marvin Raptor aka NX-3000.
  • In 2015, dracenmarx has created a free web service which periodically searches FurAffinity for specific keywords, and emails the results to its users. It allows for configuration of which keywords to search for, as well as how often to send the results. (The permission of operating a bot was given beforehand).

World building[edit]

Dracenmarx is a world builder, creating a lot of "fantasy universes" with a lot of stories, illustrations, maps, designs and even fictional languages. Alas, due to limited free time, only a small part of the work-in-progress works has been published yet, and a large portion of stories have not been translated from German to English.

At the moment, dracenmarx has created following fantasy universes[3]:

  • The medieval world of "Torronia" (inactive)
  • "The Modern World" - Storyline "The Life of the Soldiers (GDA vs MDA)" (inactive)
  • "The Modern World" - Storyline "The Canadian Wastelands" (inactive)
  • "The Modern World" - Storyline "The Life of the Truckers" (active)
  • A small gimmick universe

All fantasy universes created by him take place on the planet "Earth", although there are some differences towards our real life planet (e.g. different country names, completely different history or added continents).

The fantasy universes contain a lot of defined species, for example "Sun Dragons" and "Mongolian Dragons" as well as defined cultures and history for these species.

Dracenmarx has also created characters for the following predefined worlds (not created by him):

  • "The Fallen World" post-apocalyptic world (inactive)
  • Ironclaw / D&D world: The story of "Lewis Wilmot" (active)


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