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Rico Pinecoon
Dr Raccoon (Rico Pinecoon or Rico for short) is a fursuiter who lives in Minnesota, U.S.A. Rico is in a relationship with FlyinFox and has been in this relationship since August 12, 2012.[1]

Rico's fursuit, depicting his raccoon fursona, was constructed by Savage Turtle Studios (hands, feet, smaller tail), Jill0r (head) and The Fuzz Factory (bigger tail with red tip).[2]

Rico previously lived in Fargo, North Dakota for 2 years before moving back to his hometown of Concord, New Hampshire. 2 years later he moved to Minnesota to be with FlyinFox.

Personal Life[edit]

In Ricos real life, He is a Senior Staff Producer at a local TV station. He is also an indie game developer as a side hobby.

Cons Attended[edit]

Rico worked staff for Anthro New England 2016 as Livestream Coordinator. However, due to lack of proper bandwidth events were only recorded locally to disk and later uploaded.

Rico also worked as Staff for Furry Migration 2016 as a staff videographer.


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