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DrJones's character Doc Jones (on right) with Dean Dodrill's character Lori Jackrabbit.

DrJones (aka Doc Jones) is a fictional character.

The beginnings[edit]

While the nickname was initially inspired by the famous Indiana Jones series, the character didn't exist until a character had to be created for a group story that was part of the Jazz Jackrabbit community forums. In this light, DrJones became a blue-furred male rabbit. Soon after, because the site Lori Central gained a large interest, DrJones became Lori Jackrabbit's boyfriend and later her fiancé.

DrJones was known for a long while under this name, but was soon renamed to Doc Jones to avoid confusion with Jonesy Tawner. Doc Jones is 5.5 feet tall and has a slightly muscular build. Like his counterpart Jonesy Tawner, he has no fur markings, his entire pelt of a deep blue colour.

The character[edit]

His abilities consist of shapeshifting, though its use limited by size and mass. The larger a shape he chooses to assume, the more strength that will sap. One unique ability was his ability to shift into non-organic items as well, known to become a spaceship and car on occasion.

In the original story he arrived at Carrotus of the Jazz Jackrabbit universe at the time of the second game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and met Lori. They fell in love and got closer much to the creator's surprise as he intended it all to be a fair chase, with Lori's creator as judge.

Several stories have been released featuring Doc Jones and Lori Jackrabbit, all available on Lori Central.

As time progressed, the creator of DrJones moved on and got more involved in the furry fandom, meeting new people. This prompted him to create a spinoff character off DrJones, Jonesy Tawner, which was originally just one of Doc Jones' shapeshifted forms. This form, however, has never been used story-wise. After a while Jonesy Tawner took up more and more of the creator's interest, it soon became the main character where as Doc Jones, had become secondary, eventually unused as an avatar but featured in several events to come.

The creator[edit]

The creator of DrJones and Jonesy Tawner as well as several other characters is active in the furry fandom as DrJones and hosts various sites, maintaining the server together with Hiryu and Pegla such as Bloobunni.com, Lori Central as well as a few hosted pages for friends and acquaintances such as Dreamweaver's Dreamweaver Studios website and Doug Winger's Doug's Sekrit Site.

The creator was born in Poland between 1978 and 1984. He reads, writes and speaks three languages fluently, being English, Dutch and Polish. He graduated mid-April 2007 as a BA Business Intelligence/Information Technology. He is currently employed at a major European cable provider as a junior business architect. He has considerable experience with and knowledge of computers, is an avid retrogamer, enjoys old computers and handhelds. His pastimes also involve going out with friends, watching movies and tinkering with various technologies.

To his favorites belong movies from the 80's, anime, Japanese series and classic 1950 and 1960's movies such as North by Northwest.

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