Down to Furth

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Down to Furth

Down to Furth title image
Author(s) Mune
Update schedule Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Launch date January 1 2007
End Date Ongoing
Genre Comedy, Real life
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Down to Furth is a furry web comic drawn by Mune. Its main characters are the fursonas of the author and his friends. The comic depicts their real-life experiences in a humorous and somewhat fictionalized way.

Characters (from right to left)[edit]


The fursona of the artist. A hybrid known as a rabat. The gender of this character is yet undisclosed and is the subject of speculations.


A cat. Game-addicted.


A fox. Gun collector.


The only non-furry character in the webcomic so far. Has a pet cat called Sasha.


“The imagined one” – a blue creature only Mune can see and communicate with.