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Donotsue (real name Karri Aronen), is a Finnish profesional animator and former furry artist from Turku, Finland.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Donotsue was a long-time member of the former furry critic site, Crush Yiff Destroy, and created for CYD their mascot, Rankin, the barfing raccoon. He has not been active in the furry fandom for many years.


Donotsue's fursona is a self-representing male squirrel, which he used to use in his own comics as a permanent character.


Apart from contributing to such furry anthologies as Genus (#24, #25, #32, #38, #40), he was best known for his infamous Teeny Toons comics, which were a raunchy spoof of Warner Bros. Animation's properties and characters, especially Tiny Toon Adventures.

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