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Mineau the Dolphin

Dolphyn is an artist, writer, and fursuiter who lives in the United States.[1]

Dolphyn's fursona is Mineau, a navy blue and grey dolphin. Mineau exists as a fursuit, which Dolphyn constructed himself.[2]

"Street Rave", one of Dolphyn's works, was published in the Anthrocon 2013 convention book and was also nominated for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration in the 2013 Ursa Major Awards.[3]

The Origin Chronicles: Mineau[edit]

Cover of The Origin Chronicles: Mineau

Mineau is also the main character in The Origin Chronicles: Mineau, an anthropomorphic fantasy novel which Dolphyn wrote and illustrated.

The story concerns a young dolphin named Mineau, who comes to realize "the true nature of Life, as well as his own unique role in it".[4]

Origin Chronicles was published in 2008.


Dolphyn has attended Anthrocon 2011 (his convention debut), FurFright 2011, Anthrocon 2012, Anthrocon 2013, and Fur the 'More 2014


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