Dolphin Paradise

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Dolphin Paradise
Author(s) Owner & Founder: Chris Sharkson[1]
Status Active
Slogan For All You Delphinophile's Out There
Launch date 13 June 2017
End date Ongoing
Genre Multimedia Archive
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Dolphin Paradise is a archive website for people who have a love, interest and passion for dolphins and other cetaceans. The website contains a wide variety of photographs, furry artwork, videos, stories, links to websites, information, awareness, including non-cetacean stories and images of equines, that are owned and copyrighted by their respectful owners. The website itself is published under a Creative Commons License.


The website is a reminiscent of the many dolphin-focused websites hosted web long ago that now have gone into despair either due to costs, not having time to manage the website or personal reasons. This includes the old but not forgotten website which was called Delfi's Dolphin Page which begun in 2000 and which ran to either 2001 or later. Another new website came into the spotlight called which started in 2011 but has since gone defunct. Dolphin Paradise was created to serve the audience for these websites, many of which were irregularly online to start with.


The website opens with a disclaimer warning people about adult content that might offend. Said content included dolphin photos of both sexes, including orcas, often focusing on their genitals; anthropomorphic artwork of dolphins and orcas; a story section of fictional stories written by many authors about dolphins, sharks, horses, dragons and other animals; an old "how-to" guide regarding human sexual interaction with dolphins; video of humans having sexual contact with dolphins; and a forum.

The site also includes awareness pages regarding what humanity is doing to oceanic and wider marine life - including pollution, whaling and killing of dolphins - and proposing what can be done to save it. There's a section dedicated for dolphins in video games and another section for dolphins in literature. The hosted forum hosts subforums for equines and dragons, but cetaceans are the primary subject of the site.


Dolphin Paradise is dedicated to people and furries who have a passion for dolphins, marine life and any other animals. The website had 20,895 visits by late January 2019, after having been launched in June 2017.


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