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Dodger Greywing, otherwise known as DodgerWolf or Danielle Boyer, (born March 8, 1990) is a freelance furry artist from Indiana. Her fursona is an osprey and gray wolf gryphon.


Dodger's original fursona was a gold and blue wolf, hence the name "DodgerWolf". In 2008, she changed to a gryphon, keeping the gold and blue coloring. Less than a year later, her design was revamped once again; her colors were naturalized to match the coloration of her avian half--the osprey. Dodger's design has stayed fairly constant since then, except when her player gets a haircut in real life.

Dodger stands barely over 5' tall, built like a dancer, and seemingly very gender-confused. Although completely female, she lacks breasts (being a bird) and frequently cross-dresses. She smokes cigars, is a habitual drunk, and enjoys sexually harassing other women.


Danielle was a student at the School of Informatics at Indiana University-Bloomington. She began seriously drawing at the age of 10, although never studied art beyond the classes necessary for high school graduation.

Besides art, Danielle enjoys PC gaming, horror movies, and fashion. She is very involved in the fandom online, but tends to avoid meet-ups and conventions.

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