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Doctor Dolittle is the main character of a series of books written and illustrated by Hugh Lofting. Beyond their original publication, they have only been republished in somewhat abridged and edited form, due to concerns about political correctness, in particular the portrayal of African characters. Currently, the only Doctor Doolitte book in print is an anthology, consisting of sections taken from a number of the books.

The books[edit]

Front cover of one of many editions of The Story of Doctor Dolittle

The Doctor Dolittle books in publication order

  1. The Story of Doctor Dolittle -- (1920)
  2. The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle -- (1922)
  3. Doctor Dolittle's Post Office -- (1923)
  4. Doctor Dolittle's Circus -- (1924)
  5. Doctor Dolittle's Zoo -- (1925)
  6. Doctor Dolittle's Caravan -- (1926)
  7. Doctor Dolittle's Garden -- (1927)
  8. Doctor Dolittle in the Moon -- (1928)
  9. Gub-Gub's Book, An Encyclopaedia of Food -- (1932)
  10. Doctor Dolittle's Return -- (1933)
  11. Doctor Dolittle's Birthday Book -- (1936)
  12. Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake -- (1948)
  13. Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary -- (1950)
  14. Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures -- (1952)
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