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Dobie's 2008 Con Badge by Marci McAdam
Lazy Doggie - Commission of Dobie by Jade Fox

Dobie Tanpaw is a fursuiter and member of the babyfur community. He was born in 1979 lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Furry activities[edit]

Dobie has been a fur since 1996. His fursuit was constructed by WildWolf in 2003.[1]


Dobie is a licensed Ham Radio Operator, call sign K9LDT. This is a vanity call sign, which can be expanded to "Canine Little Dobie Tanpaw", and a member of the Radiofurs community. He is also an aspiring Audio Engineer and owns a complete PA audio system. He is available to provide his services to cons in the Northeast USA. He has formerly worked with Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend, and FA: United

Dobie is a Mazda Miata enthusiast, and has owned several, his current one (as of February, 2013) being a turbocharged 2001 Crystal Blue. He is is also a member of the Motor Furs LiveJournal community, as well as several others.

Dobie has a Private Pilots License and a Class "A" Commercial Driver's License. Dobie is also a former Paramedic/Firefighter and 911 operator with a broad range of experience in E-911 Operations, Dispatching, Emergency Management and Field operations.


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