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Alycia Riggins is an artist and Furcadia player from California, U.S.A. She created her Furcadia character Doal (later Doal Crimson) on June 2, 2003. Her activities in Furcadia included paragraph role-play, patching, and dream-weaving. She was a help desk Beekin for a time, and involved in beta testing the squirl version before release.

Doal was an original council member in the Draygon’s Hollow Village. She opened the dreams The Bath House, Outkast Sanctuary, Forest of Ayha (co-owned with Aurora Frost), Forest of Eternity (a gated dream), and Narhannin Castle. All are closed as of 2007.

As of 2007 she runs the Dream Plantation Coast: The Volcanic Village with a council that includes Lilliette, Idona, and Sage antone.

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