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The seventh DoPE show was titled The Hounds of Blackwhite Castle, the theme of Eurofurence 12.

Plot summary[edit]

Lori and Poke have a common hobby: watching TV. They never miss an episode of their favorite show "The Hounds of Blackwhite Castle". This time Lori wins a journey for 4 people to the original show locations. Mika is unenthusiastic about the journey, but is talked into coming along by Lionel. The four pawpets travel to the mysterious "Blackwhite Castle" where, after a dramatic journey, the group witnesses a crime in the castle and are considered suspects. To prove their innocence, they begin to examine the crime scene and encounter various dangerous and absurd situations...




  • Cheetah


  • Fairlight (Poke, Fritz, Shock Flock Gang - Sheep)
  • Lynard (Lionel, Toby, Dr. Palm, emergency responder)
  • Eisfuchs (Lori, Lord, Captain Smith, Mr. Blender, Shock Flock Gang - Sheep Leader)
  • TaniDaReal (Mika, Priscilla, Reporter)
  • FinFarenath (James, Mr. Toaster, Shock Flock Gang - Black Benny)
  • Tigerseye (Lighthouse keeper, Raven, Inspector, Sheep)
  • Xan (remote-controlled Lionel, Sheep)
  • o'wolf (Thomas, Ananas-Attentäter, Raven, Sheep)




  • The stage was extended and a puppet, hanging above the audience, was remotely controlled.
  • BigBlueFox produced a video especially for the show.[1]


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