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The sixth DoPE show was titled Songs of the Old Ages, the main theme of Eurofurence 11.

Plot summary[edit]

Lori and her friend Mika are organising a surprise birthday party for Lionel. During the party Lionel receives a message informing him of his father's death and telling him to travel to Cairo to receive his legacy. Poke and the rest of the crew accompany him, but the Producer of the Music Industry (the "THX") is watching everyone to find more about the secret of the Temple of Dunnowhat. Christopher Scruffycat, Lionel's father, uncovered this secret, but hid it from the Music Industry. A battle of inspiration against the industry is starting and even leads the four pawpets to the Brazilian rainforest...




  • Cheetah


  • Fairlight (Poke, Panda, Producer, Rolling Stone, The THX)
  • Lynard (Lionel, Servant, Jussef Al Kali, Rolling Stone, Ooga Booga)
  • Eisfuchs (Lori, THX Digital Rights Manager 1, Mr. Tree, Ooga Booga, Prison Guard 1)
  • TaniDaReal (Mika, THX Digital Rights Manager 2, Rolling Stone 2, Ooga Booga)
  • Tigerseye (THX Digital Rights Manager 3, Prison Guard 2)
  • Xan (Party guest, Grabmonster 1, Rolling Stone 3, Ooga Booga)
  • o'wolf (Party guest, THX Police Officer, Grabmonster 2, Ooga Booga)
  • Zefiro (Grabmonster-Crocodile, Rolling Stone 4)
  • FinFarenath (Telephone, THX Camera, Digital Rights Manager 4)


Stage hands[edit]



  • Two songs were performed live on the stage, the Song of the Rolling Stone was recorded because of the many choir voices not available on stage.
  • The leading motif and the ending was created by Taibu and Azrael and texted by Cheetah.
  • Heather Alexander played her fiddle live. During the play two strings snapped.

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