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The fourth DoPE show, titled Ceška Paradisa, was more of an experiment. In addition to telling a classic story, games were conducted on stage. The show took place in a tent because the sports training camp where Eurofurence 9 was being held didn't have a large hall. The performance was disturbed massively by technical problems with the rented light and sound equipment.

Plot summary[edit]

Lionel, Lori and Poke are traveling to the Czech Republic during their vacation. To check in to the hotel they try to use Lionel's credit card (as he is the only one who has one), but Lori has used up all the credit by making phone calls to the USA. They manage to get a room (the broom closet) after promising to pay the rent by organizing an entertainment program for the rest of the guests. In the hotel the three heroes meet the tough snow leopard Mika, an old school friend of Lori's...




  • Eisfuchs



Stage hands[edit]



  • The shows' crew refer to themselves as DoPE from this point on.
  • This was Mika's first appearance.
  • The performance had to be interrupted because of the broken receivers for the radio microphones and was restarted after half an hour after the microphones were replaced with wired models. The puppeteers vented their increasing frustrations by improvising the first couple of scenes, adding a déjà vu feel to the experience.
  • The power connection in the tent was not properly grounded, which resulted in live current on the light trussing.
  • Uncle Kage sarcastically called the technical disaster "Czechnology".

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