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The third DoPE show was titled F.I.A., which fitted into the "Secret Service" motto of Eurofurence 8.

Plot summary[edit]

The president of the Furry Intelligence Agency decides to remove the perverted subjects from the furry fandom and Poke, the sex-crazed big-mouthed ferret, is on his list. Two clumsy secret agents, "Smith" and "Wesson" are sent out to turn Poke into a well-mannered fur using a flashing device called "The Purifier". At first Poke's roomies Lionel and Lori are thrilled about the change but, after only a short time, the new Poke gets on their nerves so badly that they want to have the old Poke back. To achieve this, the naive and shy Lori turns into the punk-rock vixen "Bad Lori"...




  • Cheetah
  • Eisfuchs



Stage hands[edit]


  • Cheetah (Sound, Effects)
  • Jaryic (Lighting)
  • Kralle (Spotlight)


  • Large chunks of the script were written during the convention.
  • The Ghost of Jim Henson was depicted using a Kermit the Frog puppet.
  • Smith & Wesson talk in a strong German accent.
  • The telephone used in one of the scenes only came back to its owner doco after nine months, having traveled all across Germany.

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