DoPE Show 18

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The eighteenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 24, was titled "Juno Rising".

Plot summary[edit]

The plot given in the show's promotional flyer read:

DoPE Show 18
"Not just when it's difficult, but especially when it's difficult" ~Lyra

Int the far future, Earth's resources are nearly depleted, while the population keeps increasing year after year. A conglomerate of the biggest companies, the Extraplanetary Resources Group, is reaching out to the solar system, in search for the new sources of precious metals and rare earth minerals. A million kilometres from home, the miners work tirelessly to satiate Earth's unwavering demand. But what does really happen out in the asteroid belt, far away from legislation and govermental control? A question that burns on freelance journalist Lyra Senicks's min, but the answer seems to be much harder to find then she had anticipated.

DoPE Show 18


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah

Production Crew[edit]


  • Lyra Sennick
Voice/Body: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Hands played by: * Haku
  • Sorin Jax
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Tigerseye
  • Trent Binkin
Voice/Body: Currys
Hands played by: Jyanon
  • Sina Stillwater
Voice/Body: TaniDaReal
Hands played by: O'wolf
  • 'Immigration Officer
Voice/Body: Zefiro
Hands played by: Jyanon
  • Immigration Guards
Voice/Body: Fuaran
Hands played by: Kobato
  • Strip Dancer
Voice/Body: Curry
Hands played by: Jyanon
  • Cooks
Voice/Body: Fuaran
Hands played by: Kobato
  • Angry Customer
Voice/Body: Curry
  • Brian
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Link Kabanshee
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Invaders
Bodies: Fuaran, Kobato, Luno Wroo, Nex Carter
  • Nurse
Voice/Body: Shishi
Hands played by: Luno Wroo
  • Dr. Ylva
Voice/Body: Reesa
Hands played by: Curry
  • Paramedics
Bodies/Hands: Kobato, Shywolf
  • Emergency Doctor
Voice/Body: Jyanon
  • Unlucky Patient
Body: Fuaran
  • MiB
Bodies: Jyanon, Kobato, Fuaran, ShyWolf
  • Bouncers
Bodiesy: Jyanon, Fuaran
  • John Stillwater
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Meredith Stillwater
Voice/Body: Reesa
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Astronaut
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Sally Jax
Voice/Body: Shishi
  • Audience
Bodies: Fuaran, Hai, Kobato, Nex, Shywolf

Guest Voice Actors[edit]

  • Alex "Khaki" Vance
  • Blastdav
  • F├╝chschen
  • Tay
  • Trendane



Original Score[edit]

Sound Design[edit]

  • Cheetah

Light Operator[edit]

Sound Operator[edit]

  • Jaryic

Video Operator[edit]

  • Mendra
  • Lykantrop

Special FX[edit]

  • Furvan
  • Tigerseye
  • Da-Ti
  • Zefiro

Artwork / Set Design[edit]

  • Blastdav
  • Captain Chaotica
  • Ferrow
  • Cheetah
  • Ren
  • Eisfuchs
  • Timmy Fox

Poster, Flyer[edit]

  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
  • Curry

Puppet building[edit]

Backdrops & prop building[edit]

  • Blue_Panther, Cheetah, Cream, Dinoex, Fuaran, Furvan, Haku, Hiero, Jackwolf, Jaryc, Jason, Jipho, Kajani, Kayjay, Kiwaloo, Kobato, Kyron, Lee Taiger, Luno Wroo, Lynard, Mendra, Nex, o'wolf, Ponch, Quiran, Reesa, Sarito, ShyWolf, Silverhorse, Skully, Tioh, Token, Zefiro

RATS (Remote Audio Trigger) System[edit]

(Remote controlled system custom made and used by the pawpeteers with the stage techs to cue sound effects while playing live.)

  • Kayjay

Opening Titles[edit]

  • Rangarig Rex

Stage Hands[edit]

Blue_Panther, Dinoex, Estragon, Johann, Kiwaloo, ShyWolf


  • Black Wulf
  • Furvan
  • Shishi
  • Tioh

Special Thanks[edit]

Ayun, Dhary, Furball, Garra, Sachsen Furs e.V., Zorryn



Information about: plot, cast and crew directly taken from promotional flyer.

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"Juno Rising" - Openening Credits on Youtube:


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