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Poster artwork of the Eurofurence 23 Pawpet Show "The Skies of Astar" drawn by Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

The seventeenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 23, was titled "The Skies of Astar".

Plot summary[edit]

The plot given in the show's promotional flyer read:

DoPE Show 17
"It don' matter who you are, it matters what' cha do" ~Mae

The Peter M. Harring Airfield is bustling with life as the celebration of the Trans-Oceanic Expedition is about to begin. Everybody is exited to see what the explorers brought back home from their journey. After the war against Vanos the Kingdom of Great Astar is yearning for more peaceful times, and so is Florence, who came to see the celebration for completely different reasons. And just one touch is all it takes to change her life, and the lives of the people of Great Astar forever.

DoPE Show 17


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah

Stage Managers[edit]


  • Abraham French
Voice/Body: Runoratsu
Hands played by: * Luno Wroo
  • Florence Harrington
Voice/Body: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Hands played by: Liam
  • Cal Davis
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Tigerseye
  • Queen Irdis
Voice/Body: TaniDaReal
Hands played by: O'wolf
  • Feivel McBrookhaven
Voice/Body: Curry
  • Ortha
Voice/ Head: TaniDaReal
Body: O'wolf, Lee Taiger, Estragon, Lynard
  • Sarkan T. Welsh
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Dr, McKenzie
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • HW330 Pilot
Voice/Body: Haku
  • William
Voice/Body: Curry
  • Mae
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Shishi, Mesuri
  • Jack
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Black Wulf
  • Sly
Voice/Body: Runoratsu
  • Illyan
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Dr. Hempwire
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Eva Harrington
Voice: Reesa
Body/Hands played by: Shishi, Haku

Additional Puppeteers[edit]

  • Hai
  • Zefiro
  • Nex



Original Score[edit]

Sound Design[edit]

  • Cheetah


Pre-Recording / Live-Sound[edit]

  • Jaryic

Video Operator[edit]

  • Mendra

Special FX[edit]


  • Cheetah
  • Curry
  • Luno Wroo
  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
  • TaniDaReal
  • Vinaru


  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

Set Design[edit]

  • TaniDaReal
  • Eisfuchs
  • Luno Wroo

Puppet building[edit]

Backdrops & prop building[edit]

  • Black Wulf, Blue_Panther, Cheetah, Curry, Cream, Da-Ti, Estragon, Furvan, Hai, Haku, Jayric, Jason, Kayjay, Kiwaloo, Kyron, Lee Taiger, Luno Wroo, Lynard, Mendra, Mesuri, Nex, O'Wolf, Quiran, Runoratsu, Shishi, ShyWolf, Suran, TaniDaReal, Tillikum, Tioh, Token, Zefiro

RATS (Remote Audio Trigger) System[edit]

(Remote controlled system custom made and used by the pawpeteers with the stage techs to cue sound effects while playing live.)

  • Kayjay
  • Zefiro

Guest musicians[edit]

  • Petephin
  • Pepper Coyote
  • Shadowwolfen
  • Xendren


  • The show featured a Blacklight Scene which was played with movable planes which was performed in front of the stage, which is quite unusual for Puppet-Theater.
  • Since the Pompeii Show there where no four-legged puppets used since they were consindered as too comlicated to play and would use too much (3) puppeteers. Ortha was manouvered by at least 4 Puppeteers and even 5 in the UV-Scene which makes her the most complicated puppet since. Tioh who had the lead, over the building of Ortha, said that building that puppet was equaly the effort of making three fursuits since it features way more animatronics and unusual design-challenges.
  • while a normal Puppet weighs between 500 and 2500 Grams (depending on the animatronics) Ortha weighs 15 Kilograms[1] which made it necessary to have a puppeteer with a backpack-mount to carry her throughout the show.
  • The Intro Show the Events that happenened before the Storyline of the Show, from the Colonisation of the World, The invention of planes, the war between Vanos and Graet Astar and the rebuilding after it. According to LunoWroo he imagined Great Astar as a mountainous country, because in the timeline the invention of flight took place before they where able to cross the oceans with ships.


Information about: plot, cast and crew directly taken from promotional flyer.

Site references[edit]

  1. [1]Tweet from Tioh

External Links[edit]

"The Skies of Astar" - Openening Credits on Youtube:


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