DoPE Show 16

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Eurofurence 22 Pawpet Show "Goldeneyes" poster by Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

The sixteenth DoPE show, performed at Eurofurence 22, was titled "Goldeneyes".

Plot summary[edit]

The plot given in the show's promotional flyer read:

DoPE Show 16
"So many precious lives lost every day, it's a tragedy." ~Greenfield

A struggle for power always leaves its mark, and the result might not be stable enough to bring strength for everyone. The smallest of things can tip the balance, suddenly making the fate of the people unclear. Trapped in the shadow of his glorified father, Raindancer seeks for knowledge and truth until he meets Potami, a new student, at the Institute. Nothing in his books could prepare him when they find themselves stumbling into a web of deception, intrigue and blind revenge.

DoPE Show 16


Written by[edit]

Directed by[edit]

  • Cheetah

Stage Managers[edit]


  • Bottlebrush (Skunk)
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Raindancer (Cat-Fox)
Voice/Body: Eisfuchs
Hands played by: Tigerseye
  • Potami (Red River Hog)
Voice/Body: TaniDaReal
Hands played by: O'wolf
  • Ivydash (German Shepherd)
Voice/Body: Runoratsu
Hands played by: Reesa
  • Nettlebush (Stag)
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Lady Goldeneyes (Cat)
Voice/Body: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Hands played by: Liam
  • Greenfield (Bat)
Voice/Body: Jyanon
Hands played by: Curry
  • Sir Whisperwind (Grey Fox)
Voice/Body: Lynard
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Drunkard 1 (Rat)
Voice/Body: Runoratsu
Hands played by: Kiwaloo
  • Drunkard 2 (Rat)
Voice/Body: Curry
Hands played by: Mesuri
  • Birds (Birds)
Voice/Body: Jyanon, Curry, Runoratsu
  • Old Man 1 (cheetah)
Voice/Body: o'wolf
Hands played by: Kayjay
  • Old Man 2 (Bobcat)
Voice/Body: Mesuri
Hands played by: Haku
  • Longleaf (Hare)
Voice/Body: Curry
Hands played by: Jyanon
  • Snowflake (White Fox)
Voice/Body: Pan Hesekiel Shiroi
Hands played by: Liam
  • Moonshine (White Fox)
Voice/Body: Reesa
Hands played by: Runoratsu

Additional Puppeteers[edit]

  • Black Wulf
  • Hai
  • Luno Wroo
  • Nex

Guest Voice Artists[edit]

  • Trendane
  • Shay
  • Tilikum



  • Cairyn
  • Fizzotter

Original Score[edit]

Sound Design[edit]

  • Cheetah


Pre-Recording / Live-Sound[edit]

  • Jaryic

Video Operator[edit]

  • Mendra

Special FX[edit]


  • Cheetah
  • EosFoxx|EosFoxx
  • TaniDaReal


  • Pan Hesekiel Shiroi

Set Design[edit]

  • TaniDaReal
  • Eisfuchs
  • Luno Wroo

Puppet building[edit]

Backdrops & prop building[edit]

  • Blue_Panther, Cheetah, Dhary, Estragon, Furvan, Hai, Haku, Jayric, Jason, Kayjay, Kiwaloo, Liam, Luno Wroo, Lynard, Mendra, Mesuri, Nex, O'Wolf, Ponch, Reesa, ShyWolf, Silver Horse, Suran, TaniDaReal, Tioh, Token, Zefiro

RATS (Remote Audio Trigger) System[edit]

(Remote controlled system custom made and used by the pawpeteers with the stage techs to cue sound effects while playing live.)

  • Kayjay
  • Zefiro


Fox Amoore composed an official soundtrack of this PawPet show both on cd and digital download.[1]

Guest musicians[edit]

Vocals by Ned Wilkinson Drums by Runtt Backing vocals by Jared Clark. Guitar by Joe "Koroz" Jones.


  • since the DoPE Show 15 "Keepers of the Light" went a bit chaotic for everyone, the team made a break in 2015 and went for a better organised show in 2016. This included a new organisation-system and some changes in the production- process, like using the software "KanBan" and dividing the onsite rehearsal into a technical-rehearsal and a dress- rehearsal.


Information about: plot, cast and crew directly taken from promotional flyer.

Site references[edit]

  1. [1]Goldeneyes Soundtrack


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