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Show artwork by Cairyn.

The first pawpet show performed by DoPE was titled Lionel Scritchie's Dormitory and took place at Eurofurence 6.

Plot summary[edit]

The show's concept was closely derived from the shows done by the American Pawpets West team. It was a variety show using parody songs mostly taken from the American radio show Dr. Demento and as such didn't have a proper storyline, but parts of the show revolved around two chocolate stealing ferrets named Peek and Poke.







  • The puppet stage was made of a small frame built from aluminium beams draped with cloth.
  • A part of the show was about a ferret breaking into a chocolate factory. After the ferret gained access to the building it started to throw tiny chocolate bars into the audience. These few objects soon became dozens, thrown at the audience in masses. Some of the watchers took the opportunity to pelt the acting puppets with the sweet ammunition, turning the following three songs into a chocolate war.
  • After the show during the regular evening program Poke and Thalian got into an impromptu word fight over a t-shirt. This ended in Thalian appearing on and subsequently disappearing behind the puppet stage together with Poke.
  • The rehearsals took place in Murphy's living-room.

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