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Author(s) JassBefrold (artist/writer).
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date 2012
End Date ongoing
Genre Science Fiction
Censor MA button.png

Djandora is a science fiction webcomic written and illustrated by JassBefrold, featuring a lion-like girl, Djeneba, who is trapped in a huge, crumbling edifice and hunted by hostile robots (or "golems"). In a few scenes Djeneba is naked, but there is no explicit sexual content.

It is hosted on Petite Symphony, ComicFury and Smack Jeeves. However, the ComicFury and SmackJeeves sites no longer appear to be updating. The main site went on hiatus in September 2015. In April 2018 Befrold deleted the comic, announcing that it would reappear at a later date, but giving no indication as to when.

The comic's description on The Belfry WebComics Index reads:

  • Isolated from civilization in an old millennium temple, Djeneba lived happily with her father and that since her birth. But everything changed overnight when she murdered her own father. Shocked and bound to herself, he had left a message, a mission for her... he knew.
    During this trip, nothing happens as expected, Djeneba will discover the true extent of this temple... unspoken secrets to the dark stories of the past, but mostly the tragic doom that awaits her.