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Divitus is a furry artist and Fursuiter who lived in the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago. Currently he Lives in area surrounding Minot North Dakota. His fursona is a cartoon-styled green wolf. He MILFur in the Air Force, and has been stationed in Iraq.


Divitus first became interested in the furry fandom in 1997, getting more involved with it around 1999. His initial interest about it came about from the typical viewing of Saturday morning cartoons, and growing up all over the world hearing the local lore of werewolves from Europe, to the Native Americans of the Dakota regions.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

He has had an off and on involvement in the fandom with furs via the IRC networks. He had a 2 year stint 2008,2009 with the Londonfurs of the UK. cons attended MFF 2002 AC 2003


He has currently had his main fursona completed by Don't Hug Cacti

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