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Author(s) Scott Adams
Update schedule Daily
Launch date April 16, 1989
Genre Office humour
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Dilbert is an American comic strip written and drawn by Scott Adams. First published on April 16, 1989,[1] the strip is set in a white-collar, micromanaged office, and centres around satirical office humour.


The main characters in Dilbert are:

  • Dilbert, a technologically-minded engineer with a poor social life. Dilbert is the main character of the strip.
  • The Pointy-Haired Boss, Dilbert's hopelessly incompetent manager.
  • Wally, one of the oldest engineers, who tries to avoid work wherever possible.
  • Ted, an engineer who is often seen hanging out with Wally.
  • Alice, one of the more competent engineers, who is frustrated by her lack of proper recognition.
  • Dogbert, an anthropomorphic dog. He is ostensibly Dilbert's pet, and has a tendency towards megalomania.
  • Asok, a hard-working but unrecognised young intern.
  • Loud Howard, a coworker who is incapable of speaking quietly.

Secondary characters[edit]

Secondary characters in the comic include Carol (the Pointy-Haired Boss' embittered secretary), Ratbert (a cheerful but dim former laboratory rat), Catbert (the company's evil feline Human Resources director), and Bob the Dinosaur (a vegetarian dinosaur and wedgie enforcer).

Dilbert and furry[edit]


The furry fandom is referred to in the Dilbert strip of May 27, 2013.[2] The strip begins with the Pointy-Haired Boss talking to Carol as Dilbert watches.

Pointy-Haired Boss: Carol, why did you send me a link about people who like to dress in animal costumes?
Carol: It's called the furry lifestyle. I thought you might want to try it out.

The Pointy-Haired Boss leaves, saying "I'll take a look". The final panel has Dilbert questioning Carol:

Dilbert: What's your end game?
Carol: If the furry thing sticks I'll try to get him to go on a safari.


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