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Comparison of digitigrade and plantigrade feet.

Digitigrade refers to a style of anatomy of the limbs used for walking, specifically where the weight is placed on the digits, but not on the heels.

Most mammals, including felines and canines have this stance or the more extreme unguligrade stance. (Notably primates, bears, raccoons, rabbits, and a few others are plantigrade.)

Digitigrade and furry[edit]

For some furs, whether a species that is normally digitigrade is anthropomorphized as plantigrade or digitigrade is considered an important differentiation between artistic styles. It is also not uncommon for those describing their furry characters in writing to state whether that character is plantigrade or digitigrade.


Some people who describe themselves as furry lifestylers will often walk on the balls of their feet in an attempt to emulate the behavior of digitigrade animals.[citation needed]

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