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Diggla Badga (also known as Daddy Badga (defunct) and Dodgerpup (also defunct); born December 25th, 1981) is a fur who lives in Buford, Georgia, U.S.A.. His mate is Cabeus. His character is a badger.

Diggla is an almost-life-long native of Georgia, spending a brief stint in Norfolk, Virginia. Diggla was introduced to the furry fandom after meeting his now-ex, Andre Rabbit. Diggla became further involved with the fandom after attending the last day of Furry Weekend Atlanta in 2006, and is a registration staffer for Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Diggla's species came from story ideas that were a collaboration with Andre Rabbit. His name was a nickname also given to him by Andre. Its original form was 'Diggler', but was later shortened to Diggla Badga.

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