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Diabllo is a furry who has been a member of the furry fandom since March 2006, but has been a furry for almost his entire life. Diabllo, aka Leo, is a former hacker and former administrator of Elite ForumZ, a hacking website ran by QvnsQ, aka Ricky. During his hacking "career", he also posted at many other hacking websites such as GamerZ Planet, where he ran into Aaron, who he didn't know was a furry at the time.

Diabllo's character is a red fox.


Diabllo's Character (By Tirk) on GunBound

At the age of 15, Leo's friend Nathaniel introduced him to the game GunBound (Korean:건바운드) Thor's Hammer.

In June 2006, Diabllo joined the Silent GunBound community. GunBound's first "private" server, as a regular user. He made it to the rank Double Stone Hammer before he was then promoted to GM. On July 22nd, 2006, Diabllo was once again promoted to Co-Owner of GunBound Classic, the newly renamed Silent GunBound. When the other owner became unable to host the server in August 2006, Diabllo acquired the server files and became the sole owner of GunBound Classic. Since then, he has begun working on a new interface for the GunBound client, code-named GunBound Enhanced.

GunBound Classic was shut down on March 25th, 2009.

GunBound Classic has now been re-opened and can be found at http://www.gunboundclassic.com/

The new owner of the server is Diabblo's old friend, Kiro, (Aaron. From GamerZPlanet.)


On a weary day in January, the second private server of maplestory ever created split off from the first. This was named LocalMS. Leo gained admin status on this baby private server and helped develop the site and game. Sadly, just as the server was reaching it's peak, it was sent a Cease&Desist letter from Nexon inc, the owners of the game, and was forced to close down on Leo's birthday.

The game server, however, was later re-opened by Leo on March 28th, 2009 with Leo as the owner at http://localms.ca/ However, this too has been shut down.

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  • LocalMS - official website of LocalMS.