Destroying the Illusion

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Destroying The Illusion
Author(s) Joe Meyer
Update schedule Hiatus
Launch date January 2006
End Date June 2007
Genre Autobiography
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Destroying The Illusion is an autobiographical webcomic by artist Joe Meyer.


The strip recounts the author and illustrator's real-life events using anthropomorphic characters in place of his real life human persona, and that of his friends.


  • Eryshé Falafel, Joe's primary fursona whom he frequently fursuits as, takes Joe's place as the story's central character. Eryshé is a blue and peach furred kittyrabbit hybrid. Although Eryshé is the main fursona, he sometimes uses other fursonas to depict his autobiographical stories:
  • Division Fahrenheit, a bright red kangaroo with black hair has mostly been depicted in stories with another kangaroo, Dahlia.
  • Teh Fuzor, a rather large white rabbit.

Hiatus and the future of the strip[edit]

In 2009 Joe released a self-published graphic novella called "In The Meantime," which was a companion piece to Destroying The Illusion through There currently plans to publish a collection of all two years worth of strips in a singular volume. Work has started on the 'third' volume of Destroying The Illusion, tentatively called "Lost In The Music." This will be a collection of stories and reminisces of Joe's relation to music, and his history of working in record store for over twenty years. Release date is unknown.

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